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Hi, I'm Kim, CEO and co-founder of CurlMix.

When you purchase a Wash and Go System, you don't just get bottles of products. You also get curly hair education and a community who will support you.

If you have a question, you'll get an answer. If you need feedback on your hair, you'll get the help of our community and curl coaches who will guide you.

If you ever try something new from CurlMix and don't love it, you will be refunded in store credit so that you can try something else.

There's no one else like CurlMix!

Formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients

You Don’t Just Get Fantastic Products...

You Also Get Personalized Hair Education

Learn how to master your curls in our live, interactive Masterclass.

Our Masterclass is a 21 day long journey where you and your fellow students will learn everything you need to know to master your curls, from how to achieve a Wash and Go, to how to cut your own hair, morning and night routines, to making your curls last for up to 7 days and beyond. We connect you with a Curl Coach, live classes and demonstrations, and an active community who will walk with you for 21 days while you learn how to master your natural curls.

This class is for everyone who wants to learn how to master their natural curls, including:
  • Gray hair
  • Thinning hair
  • All curl types (4C, 4B, 4A, 3C, 3B, 3A, 2C, 2B, 2A - including having multiple different curl patterns)
  • All lengths (TWA, short, medium, long, extra long!)
  • Transitioning hair (growing out relaxed hair, pre-big chop, post-big chop)
  • Those who had a change in their hair textures from various live events (graying hair, medication, etc.)
And more!
Our next Masterclass starts May 7th! Purchase now to join our next Masterclass.

$100 Value for Free

CurlMix University

A 15 part video lesson series where you will learn about natural hair, from head damage to porosity, to trims and cuts. And step-by-step lessons on how to do the perfect Wash and Go.

$25 Value for FREE

The Secret to Defined Curls e-Book

In this eBook, learn all the secrets, tips, and tricks to defining your curls. No matter your curl type, from Kinky, to coily to looser waves.

(Psst.. this book has taught hundreds of women with Type 4C/4B hair how to finally achieve the perfect Wash and Go, in under an hour or less!)

$30 Value for FREE

This is an extra $155 of value for free with the purchase of a Wash and Go System today!

If you don't absolutely love the system you picked, let us know and you will be refunded in store credit. That way you can try another system for free.

Our goal is for you to find products your curls will love.

Reviews: What Real Customers Are Saying

Does CurlMix Work for Gray Hair?

Absolutely! CurlMix's formulas do not use dyes or colorants. They are 100% natural and will not stain or turn precious gray curls yellow. Feel confident trusting your gray curls with CurlMix. We've got you!


Start TODAY with our HEAVY HOLD. It's our customer's favorite.

Full Size Wash + Go System with Heavy Hold

Get ready for the compliments on your curls! Our Heavy Hold Wash and Go System is going to moisturize, define, and elongate your beautiful curls.

You'll love how bouncy your curls are.

Our simple four step system makes achieving a Wash and Go fast and easy. And it will save you so much time.

Because Wash Day shouldn't last all day! The best part is that you only have to style your hair once a week. CurlMix is for busy, sophisticated women who who need perfect curls quickly and easily.

You're gonna love treating your curls to this 100% natural, hand made system.

  • $68.00
  • + Free Shipping
  • Or 4 installments of $17.00 with

Frequently asked questions

Yes! And we're not only Black-owned, we're also Black-operated. Our team is primarily comprised of Black women, and we understand the needs of Black hair.

Yes! And in fact, the majority of our customers have some degree or gray or graying hair. CurlMix is 100% safe for even the lightest and driest gray hair.

Our products are 100% natural and made without any dyes or colorants, so they will not stain or yellow gray curls.

We also offer free gray hair education, as we know it can be confusing to navigate the changes graying hair brings (curl pattern changes, texture changes, etc.)

Yes they are! And they are gentle and won't strip the color/dye out of color treated hair.

We make it simple to achieve the perfect Wash and Go with our simple 4 step system!

Step 1: Cleanse & rinse

Step 2: Condition and detangle, then rinse

Step 3: Add the moisturizer, finger comb, and leave the product in

Step 4: Add the flaxseed gel, finger comb again, shake, and leave the product in

We recommend doing all the steps in the shower on soaking wet hair, then using a blow drier to set your curls after.

This will result in the most defined, moisturized, and elongated curls you've ever had!

And don't worry - if you're struggling, we have a free Masterclass with Curl Coaches who will work with you until you get it right.

And if the system you picked isn't work for you, simply let us know and we'll refund you in store credit so that you can choose another system and try again.

There's no risk in trying CurlMix! You can and will achieve the perfect Wash and Go.

It is not hard to achieve the perfect Wash & G with CurlMix! We walk you through step by step on how to get the curls of your dreams.

We also offer a free, live and interactive Masterclass on how to achieve stunning curls that last.

Our Masterclass is a 21 day journey where you and your fellow students will learn how to master your curls with CurlMix products in those 21 days together!

There will be live Zoom classes & sessions, lessons, an active community, Curl Coaches, and tons of support. You’ll be able to ask questions, get help, and feedback.

We cover it all, from the perfect Wash and Go, to morning refreshes, to night time routines, to making your curls last all week, and so much more.

Yes! All of our products are 100% natural and safe for kids, babies, and even safe to use during pregnancy.

We want to be conscious of our planet, our people, and your pocketbook.

Returns have a considerable impact on our environment and the safety an well-being of our team members.

We do however offer store credit refunds. If you don't love what you choose, simply reach out to customer service and we'll refund you in store credit. Our products really do work and we stand by them. That's why we'll refund you in store credit.

This way you can try something else from our collection and find the products that best work for your unique individual hair, you get to keep what you purchased, and help save the planet & protect our staff all at the same time.

Plus, no more frustrating trips to the post office!


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