Do Wash and Go's work on 4C hair?

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"But does it work on 4C Hair?"

I cannot tell you how many times I have received an email like this. 

Or read a rude comment on Facebook or YouTube. 

It don't work on 4c hair

These questions and comments are the bane of my existence, mainly because they have so many layers. 

When we run promotions, that's always the number one comment and it's usually said with annoyance or negativity because the person in the video review has a looser texture. 

They get much more offensive than the one shown above, just keep reading to see the most offensive comment I've ever gotten. 

It bothers me for several reasons. 

#1 I have type 4 hair and I designed my products to work for all hair textures. 

I started making products for ME before I ever began making them for CurlMix. But I also knew about proper hair care, which I learned from my stylists and research.

I learned very early on that heavy butters are not good for your hair. I learned that light weight products are better, even for kinkier textures. I learned that moisture is key and that I should clean my hair weekly!

So when people question the effectiveness of CurlMix on Type 4 Hair, it feels personal.

Of course they work on Type 4 hair. I designed them that way and I use them weekly.

4c hair

#2 Most people don't have true 4C hair. Very few people actually do. 

After working dozens of expos, and meeting thousands of curly girls. I find that most women who think their hair is 4C do so because they feel it's dry and "unmanageable"(I cringe when someone uses that word to describe our hair).

Not feeling confident about your hair experience does not mean you have 4C hair.

It's almost like the term 4C hair has become an identifier for "bad hair" and my stomach turns at the idea of that. It hurts every time I hear it.

I've seen thousands of heads of hair and I may have met maybe 10 people with what we call "4C Hair" and it was stunning.

My friend Deanna (pictured above), has some of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It's thick and luscious, holds styles well, and she takes excellent care of her hair.

I say that to say, you probably don't have 4C hair. And you shouldn't use "4C hair" as a way to describe anything bad about your hair. 

For even more proof, here's a video of my favorite 4C vlogger. She's hilarious and has gorgeous healthy hair. 

 Watch This Wash + Go On 4C Hair

#3 Hair types don't matter when it comes to proper hair care.

I only use the hair-typing system to help CurlMixers understand, because that's the system they use for themselves.

While it is a commonly understood way to discuss curl types and patterns its not, however, a truly important factor for the majority of your hair concerns.

My stylist, Aeleise Jana, and many others like to point out that your texture doesn't matter when they are working with your hair. 

Just like an eye doctor doesn't care about your eye color, your texture isn't a factor when it comes to proper hair care.

So, What are the important factors?

I'm glad you asked: hydration, cleansing, conditioning, your routine schedule, how you protect your hair, and more, are all vastly more important.

Not your hair type.

Here's a classic video I did with my stylist that covers the basics:

#4 Wash + Go video reviews with Type 4 hair are hard to come by.

For a time, I never did a Wash + Go, because I didn't think my hair could do one.

I laughed at the idea.

And I imagine a lot of kinky haired women feel that exact way. So as a result, we don't get a ton of reviews from women with Type 4 hair using our products.

And Wash + Gos are about technique, so many Type 4women don't know how to achieve a Wash + Go, since they don't usually wear them.

It takes a bit of practice and s good shape from a professional to get it right. 

They are extremely skeptical of new products, so I decided to make one myself. 

#5 It's often shaming a person who has looser textured hair.

For a long time, and even still in some places, women of color are shamed for having tight coils and curls.

And now we have come into a movement that celebrates us. But in celebrating us, sometimes I worry that we can become intolerant of someone who appears to meet societies' standards of "beauty".

One time I got a comment that read "stop showing us these light skinned, long haired wavy women. Not all of our ancestors were raped".

I wanted to reach through my phone and ..... that comment hurt, deeply. On a number of levels. 

And I think that's wrong.

We can love all of our curls and at CurlMix we promote inclusivity.

#6 Hair-typing means absolutely nothing. 

The longer I am in the hair business, the more I realize how unique curly hair is.

It truly runs the spectrum.

According to the hair typing chart there are about 9 total categories of curly hair. But There are probably closer to 30 or a 100.

No two heads are the same.

Most of us have several textures and different curl patterns even in the same section of our hair!

Our hair is amazing and truly cannot be categorized. 

Wash and Go Tutorial For Type 4 Hair

In response to all of these comments, I created a tutorial of how I style my Type 4B hair in a wash + go. 

This can be done and it does work on 4c hair as well.

But it is all about technique.

Don't knock it before you try it. 



P.S.- Leave a comment and let me know what you think, do you agree or disagree? 

P.P.S- If you were worried about whether or not our products will work on your type 4 hair here's 15% off to make it easy, just use the code:" TYPE4BLOG " at checkout or click the link to automatically apply it to your order -

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  • I gotta admit, I agree with your assessment. Just about all of these concerns are mine. Lol. My question is if categorizing black hair is a flawed way to figuring out what to try, what’s a better way not to turn into the trail and error product junkie queen?

    Tanzonia Flakes on

  • I am totally in love with your brand and what you stand for. Running across these products has given me life and I can’t wait to try them. I was almost ready to just start wearing my hair straight majority of the time but that is to you all I am willing to continue to work with my hair in its natural state!

    Natasha on

  • One of the best commentaries on black hair I’ve read, if not the absolute best. I really can’t add to it.

    Kimberly on

  • In the 4c wash & go video you said you diffuse or blow dry your hair. What about sitting under a hooded dryer? Is that not recommended?

    Cynthia on

  • I love this piece! First and foremost for your callout of our use and misuse of categorization and language around hair type, for your callout of our shaming, and then from your clarity in stating your experience, your expertise, and your offering of useful solutions. I often think about how things would be if we knew [all types of] natural to be the standard, and that’s essentially what you get at, and what real hair care professionals speak to. This article is gold! Thank you! Much love and appreciation ~

    Ashea on

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