Title Sponsor Package

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Overview of Benefits

  1. Title - Ex. CurlMix Party Tour Presented By [Your Company Name] on all event promotional items
  2. Swag Bag - Every attendee (1,500) will receive your gift
  3. Giveaway - Host giveaway of your product at event
  4. Email Blast - Special email blast promoting your brand
  5. Social Media - Share photos using your product on CurlMix's social media (Mar. - Oct.)
  6. Blog Post - Create a blog post promoting the use of your product for a DIYer
  7. Event Product Display - Display product at event and use during presentation
  8. Step & Repeat - Include logo on Step & Repeat along with the CurlMix logo
  9. Custom DIY Bar - Your company's name and logo on the signage for the Custom Body Butter Bar where customers choose oils & butters to create their own products. It's a hit at every CurlMix Party.
  10. Photobooth Logo -  Company logo & name on each photo taken at photobooth

    Please Review Contract Here

    Once you have expressed interest by emailing alex@curlmix.com, we will send you an electronic signature contract. 

    Please purchase the package using the "add to cart" button after signing the contract electronically. 

    Please email us at alex@curlmix.com to express interest in becoming a sponsor.

    We will respond answering any questions you may have and forwarding the contract for your review.