Best Sellers Sample Box - Handmade Curly Hair Products


Total Value: $72     You Pay: Only $50    You Save: $22!

This exclusive Sample Box includes all of BEST SELLERS. 

That means you get the very best curly hair products we created, handmade with natural and organic ingredients.

Our Best Sellers Sample Box is perfect if you haven't tried CurlMix or if you just want to share the joy of handmade natural hair products.

Each product contains only 6 ingredients or less.

Simple ingredients for superior results.

All water based products will include the CurlMix Preservative, Optiphen PLUS. Which means you can use them for up to 6 months or more. 

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Watermelon Kiwi Hair Gel - 4oz 

Distilled Water Flax Seed Gel Organic Marshmallow Root Tea Hempseed Oil Guar Gum (Natural Sugar) Preservative Fragrance


Coconut Honey Deep Conditioner - 4oz 

Natural Rhassoul Clay Organic Coconut Cream Raw Wild Flower Honey Preservative


Brown Sugar Hair & Body Butter - 4oz

Kokum Butter Coconut Oil Shea Butter Pumpkin Seed Oil Fragrance

Sweet Orange Shampoo - 2.5oz

Distilled Water Organic Castile Soap Avocado Oil Xanthan Gum (Natural Sugar) Preservative Fragrance


Mint Chocolate Hair & Face Mask 4oz

Distilled Water Bentonite Clay Coconut Oil Raw Honey Glycerin Matcha  Fragrance