Everything you need to know about CurlMix before and after you buy can be found here. But, if you question is truly unique send us and email on our contact page

When will I receive my CurlMix? 

Subscription Orders: You will receive your first box within 3 weeks of your purchase. We will only sell a limited amount of CurlMix subscriptions for a limited amount of time, once per month. You have to get on the mailing list to be notified about purchasing. Once it has closed, it won't re-open until the next month.

*Please Note* All monthly subscriptions primarily ship the third week of the month. 

Non-Subscription Orders:  Your CurlMix Non-Subscription orders will ship within 5 business days.


Why does it take 3 weeks for Subscription Orders to Ship? 

CurlMix is all about DIYing and avoiding waste. As a result, we don't order ingredients until all orders are final. This takes about 1 week. Then we allow 1 week for packaging and another shipping. We estimate 3 weeks to be safe but it could be less than 2 weeks in a good month. We are constantly working to get that time down.


How many mixes are available?

Get on the mailing list to find out how many CurlMixes are available. It may change monthly.


What will come in my CurlMix box?

  • There will be 5-7 all-natural and/or organic ingredients to create the ultimate hair product. It can be a moisturizer, leave in conditioner, shampoo etc. It will be the same mix that the Vlogger of The Month (VOTM) uses for the demonstration.
  • It will also include a link to the recipe information and a demo video so you can mix along with us.
  • A letter from the VOTM
  • A letter from the founders
  • Reusable containers for storing your mix and ingredients
  • All of the various tools you may need to make that specific mix, like strainers or spatulas.
  • Stoves, pots, and kitchens not included

Whoa, that's a lot of goodies!

Will my products be all natural?

Yes, we will only provide natural and/or organic ingredients. The sourcing information is included in the recipe description.

What is the CurlMix Refund Policy?

Refunds are only applicable if your product arrives damaged.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Hopefully, you've found some DIY staple recipes. Keep these tips in mind for cancellations. 

  • You can cancel your subscription after 2 months of being a subscriber. In order to provide you with the subscription discounted price, we require a min. of 2 months’ subscription. If you have only been a subscriber for one month (only charged once), we cannot cancel your subscription until 2 charges have taken place.
  • You must cancel your CurlMix subscription by the LAST day of the month. This will prevent you from being charged for the next month's CurlMix.

EXAMPLE: I ordered the January CurlMix and I have been a subscriber for 2 months. It is now February and I would like to cancel. I must cancel by February 29th by sending the following to info@curlmix.com. If I do not send an email by the last day of February, I will be charged for March. Subscription Number - Name On Account -  Method of Payment (Credit Card)


What if I love it, how can I order more?

If you have already purchased a subscription, then you're all set. You can also go to www.curlmix.com/shop to get one of your favorite mixes.


Are CurlMix products safe to use on color treated hair?

At this time, our products have not been tested to ensure that they are safe to use on color treated hair.  We will definitely take this into consideration as we move forward with future CurlMix recipes.


Does CurlMix ship internationally?

CurlMix does not currently ship internationally. As a new brand, it is difficult to carry the cost of shipping internationally. Hopefully one day, that won't be an issue.


I would like to leave some feedback; how do I do that?

Just email us at info@curlmix.com