When will I receive my CurlMix? 

CurlMix Processing and Shipping Policy:

Step #1: Processing Time

Please know that due to our appearance on Shark Tank, it may take up to 2 Weeks to process your order.

And with much excitement, we are making your products, printing your label, neatly packing your order, and getting it ready to ship!

Step #2: Shipping Time 

After your order has been processed, please allow an additional 2-5 business days (not including weekends or holidays) for your CurlMix package to arrive! Then you are all set to enjoy your CurlMix experience! 

What is the Status of My Order?

I am happy to share that can click here to check your order status


I did not receive a confirmation email for my order. How do I know my order went through?

First, please be sure to check your spam/junk email folder for your CurlMix confirmation email.  There is a possibility that your email confirmation landed there.

And for Gmail users, please also check your “Promotions” tab, because your Confirmation email may have landed there as well.

If you are still not able to find your email in any of the places mentioned above, no worries, please contact us at info@curlmix.com and we will gladly assist you.


What is the CurlMix Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on full price items only. Subscriptions do not qualify for refunds. 

**Please note, all promotional offers are final and non-refundable** 

(Example promotional offers include: BOGO/Buy one get one, and deeply discounted offers such as 25% or more).

Ready to return your qualifying order? Please see instructions below:

If you decide to return your qualifying CurlMix product(s) please note the following:

*Shipping your product(s) back to us is solely at your expense.

*Original shipping charges, that you paid at time of purchase, are also non-refundable.

Next, Please follow the simple steps below:

1). Email us at info@curlmix.com to let us know that you would like a refund and please share with us why you are returning the product.

2). Mail your qualifying order back to us at the address below.

CurlMix Inc.
325 N. Hoyne Ave.

Unit C318
Chicago, IL 60612

*Please include your original CurlMix Order number inside of your return

3). You must provide us with a tracking number for your return. Without a tracking number, we are not able to guarantee your return & refund.

4). Once we receive your return, we will then process your refund, which will then take 7-10 business days to be reflected on your account.

5). We will also send you an email to confirm that we have received your return and processed your refund.


What is the CurlMix Subscription Policy?

Products are automatically delivered monthly. You are charged based on your schedule ( 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks).

Refunds are not accepted on any subscriptions.

We also require a minimum of 2 cycles before we can cancel your subscription. 


What happens if I gave you all the incorrect shipping address?

Incorrect Shipping Address Policy

1). The purchaser is responsible for providing the correct mailing address. Before finalizing your order, be certain your shipping address is correct.

2). We are not responsible for goods delivered to the wrong address input at the time of ordering.

3). If you happen to notice that you entered the wrong address, you can email us at info@curlmix.com with the correct shipping address before your shipping label is created.

4). Once your shipping label is created, we will not be responsible for the incorrect address & the subsequent delivery.

My tracking information shows that my CurlMix package was "Returned to Sender".  What do I do now?

Returned to Sender Policy

1). If a package is returned to CurlMix due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by a customer, or if the customer was not home for delivery, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost, as well as, any additional delivery cost.

2). CurlMix is not responsible for packages delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information provided by a customer.

3). No refunds will be provided if any part of the address is incorrect.

The tracking shows that my CurlMix package was delivered but I didn’t receive my package. My package was lost or stolen.  What do I do now?

Lost or Stolen CurlMix Package Policy

We are so sorry to hear that your CurlMix package has been either lost or stolen.  Please see below:

1). CurlMix is not responsible for lost or stolen packages that have a confirmed delivery to the address entered for an order.

2). Upon customer inquiry, CurlMix will confirm delivery to the provided address, date of delivery, as well as, tracking & shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate.

3). If after the customer has directly contacted the carrier, and the carrier is unable to locate the missing package, please contact us at info@curlmix.com with the case number provided from the carrier and we will further assist.

My CurlMix order arrived damaged.  What should I do?

If your product arrived damaged, we are so sorry about that! Please send an email to info@curlmix.com and we will gladly assist you.

Will my products be all natural and organic?

Yes, we will only provide natural and/or organic ingredients. We keep our labels simple, so you can understand exactly what's on your hair. All ingredient information is on each individual product page. 

Do I need to refrigerate them?

No, the water-based products include a preservative. This includes all of the Pure Flaxseed Gels and Pure Avocado Moisturizers. The Pure Regrowth Serum and Pure Hair & Body Butter do not need preservatives, as they don't include water. 

How long will they last?

Approximately one full calendar year. 

What preservative do you use?

Optiphen PLUS. 

Optiphen Plus is a paraben- and formaldehyde-free preservative system that is ideal for products with a lower pH system. Optiphen Plus is an ISP patent-pending liquid preservative formulation featuring an innovative blend of phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid and an emollient base that is ideal for slightly acidic personal care products requiring broad-spectrum protection. The combination of all three ingredients offers effective protection against bacteria, yeast and mold growth while imparting emolliency.   

I'm allergic to a few things. 

Ingredients may have been derived from corn, soy, wheat, and/or nut products. They may have also been produced in a facility that makes those products. 

We recommend conducting a "patch test" on your arm and a section of hair before use. 

Are CurlMix products safe to use on children?

Yes, however children can be sensitive to natural ingredients too. For this reason, we recommend conducting a patch test to ensure they are not allergic. Apply product to a small patch of skin, and let it sit for 24 hours. If nothing happens, then go right ahead and apply the product.

Are CurlMix products safe to use on color treated hair?

Yes, they are!

Do you use natural fragrance?

Yes, we use natural fragrance oils and some synthetic fragrances but they  are all phthalate free.

Does CurlMix ship internationally?

We're sorry, we do not yet ship internationally.

I would like to leave some feedback; how do I do that?

We would love to hear from you!  Please email us your feedback at: info@CurlMix.com