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Pivoting - A process in which a business changes direction while maintaining their identity and brand.

CurlMix is near and dear to my heart. It's my first baby.

I've known it longer than my son, Zuri, and I've spent more time on it than I have some of my closest relationships.

This means, that I want what's best for it, and I want to nourish it so that it can keep on living and surviving. 

When I first started CurlMix, I thought it was a terrible idea.

I thought it didn't exist because no one wanted it, and I learned that that wasn't true.

You indeed wanted it, but I learned it was difficult for both the customer and business owner to benefit. 


We are removing all of our Do-It-Yourself kits from our store.

We have limited quantities of each box and once they are sold out, they will be gone forever.

All of our boxes will be on CLEARANCE starting tomorrow at 11am CST.

By April 1st, we will be a new brand.

No longer " CurlMix, The DIY Box For Curly Hair".

Instead, we will be "CurlMix, Handcrafted + Handpicked".


Last year, when I learned I was pregnant, I knew I had to figure out how CurlMix was going to keep moving forward because weren't seeing any growth.

And it's tough to run a business that isn't growing, but it's nonsensical to run a business that isn't growing and to try to support a family on said business. 

We had become stagnant and some months, we saw a decline. 

At the time, I considered throwing in the towel but I would have felt like I had failed my CurlMixers.

We have an audience of over 50,000 people and you matter to me. 

I knew I was here to serve you and I couldn't give up that easily. 

I started seeking advice from other professionals and advisors.

I got some advice that changed everything.

My advisor suggested that we pre-make our best selling product, the Flaxseed Gel.

After testing 50 batches of gel and coming up with a stable recipe, we sold hundreds of bottles and I knew we were on to something. 

That launch saved the business. 

And since, we have sold over 500 bottles of Flaxseed Gel. 

We were going to just stop there and focus only on selling the gel, but I knew my CurlMixers would be disappointed and some of you...pissed.

So I looked at our next best selling products...

  • Candy Rose Regrowth Serum
  • Brown Sugar Hair & Body Butter
  • Avocado Flambe Moisturizer


and I asked if you wanted these in the same fragrances/oils as the Pure Flaxseed Gel


And more than voting on making these products, you said yes with your coins. 

It was never my intention to go down this road up until a few months ago. 

In fact, I still have 6 box recipes that we pre-recorded last summer, I even paid models and have footage that we never used.

I fully intended to launch these boxes. 

But that's not what the majority of CurlMixers wanted. 

I could tell because ... COINS DON'T LIE.

You wanted "Handcrafted + Handpicked" products from a company you trusted to have your best interest at heart. 


Handcrafted - Made skillfully by hand.

(We make it.)

Handpicked - Carefully selected with a particular purpose in mind.

(You handpicked the products and we handpicked the best ingredients.)

Those were the products that were thriving in our store, the pre-made products that stemmed from our best-selling boxes. 

After you spoke so loud and clearly, we had to oblige. 

Benefits To You

1. Discounted Boxes

For my box lovers, you'll get all of our inventory at an ungodly price of $20 per box, with free shipping. 

2. Faster Service

For my ready-to-use product lovers, you'll get faster shipping. As we minimize the number of items we sell, we can get faster at making products and shipping them to you. 

3. Convenience

With a ready-to-use product focus, you'll be able to find our products in retail stores and Amazon in the near future. Our boxes were too big to be on store shelves. 


4. Save CurlMix

CurlMix remains in business. With this shift, we can thrive as a family-owned company, and continue better servicing our CurlMixers for years to come. 

Thank you for your continued support and love of CurlMix. 

We love you right back, and we hope that you'll continue on this journey with us. 


Kim + Tim + Zuri + CurlMix Team

P.S. Leave us a comment below and let us know how you feel. We will read each one. You know we love hearing from you. 

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  • I have been in search for a very long time for a gel which defines my fine medium density kinky coily hair. I’ve read so much about this product and am so hopeful I’ve finally found something which will define my unique hair texture while moisturizing it. Thanks so much for all the hard work and love you all have for us while designing, listening, and testing these products!!

    Mesherry Parks Byers on

  • I have ordered the sample box and am excited from what I have read as well as seeing the videos of the women with curly hair. The feedback is excellent. I cannot wait to start using the products on my hair.

    Fola Will I Am El on

  • I am glad that your business will continue and survive, I am however sad to see that you have decided not to continue the DYI.
    I absolutely loved making the kits.
    Maybe as a compromise you can continue to publish the recipes for us DYI lovers

    Pamela Mosley on

  • I’m glad that this awesome brand will continue with a twist. I absolutely love the idea of reinventing yourself…. still familiar but with a burst of excitement. I must be honest I’m a tad lazy when it comes to my hair care. I love great products but I don’t love making them. I’m glad that I will now get to leave that to the experts at CurlMix!

    Katina on

  • Keep up the good work guys! I’m very proud of you and the pivot makes sense.

    Akuba on