I wish I had a regular job...

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This past week has been one for the books.

We packed hundreds, HUNDREDS, of CurlMixes last week, attended our first major expo, and all while traveling back and forth to Atlanta. We barely even had a chance to sleep. In fact, we hit a 2-day stretch where we slept only two hours.

This is not typical for us or AT ALL, and it's definitely something we think entrepreneurs shouldn't celebrate. There is a way to run your business and still get sleep. Last week just wasn’t one of those times for us.

There was even a point at which I thought “man, I wish I had a regular job so that I could be done after 5”, but then I remember that control of my life is what I wanted most and that’s what I have.

 I have to remind myself that it may be a while until things get easier, but a little hustle now goes a long way. Last week was an emotional roller coaster from packing to traveling, to freelancing and business meetings. Tim and I were worn out, and every part of our bodies ached. Despite the "busyness" of the week and all the stress we felt, SO MANY good things happened.

I found out that I would be a finalist in the Black Enterprise Pitch competition. After years of being rejected, I finally made it!!!

Then after we were packing up our booth at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago, a popular radio personality of Chicago invited Tim and I to be on his show – The A.C. Green Show on 106.3. He was just so impressed with all that we had done with where we had come from. He loved our booth display, our team, and our commitment to supporting one another. I wanted to jump for joy. Everything was working out.

Today is the FIRST real day of our regular work schedule and we can finally breathe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still work to be done.

In fact, subscriptions open today and Alyssa Forever’s video will launch (btw, If you wanted to sign up for subscription shop here: CurlMix Monthly Subscription ).

This means that there will be an influx of new subscribers and orders but at least it won’t be as crazy as last week. Phew.

Despite me being a worry wart, and how busy last week was, I am grateful for growth and all that is to come.

Make sure to follow us on Snap Chat for all the behind-the-scenes info @kimandtimlewis. Let us know how you liked this month’s mix and what else you’d like to see in the CurlMix recipe book.

I hope you enjoy the Watermelon Kiwi Hair Gel, our team put lots of effort into making this perfect for you!

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  • Hi, I am excited about your products and love the design and idea. It is tough trying to find the products and so forth. I wonder if you would decide to sell the fragrances?

    Candice on

  • Go you! I stopped by your booth and was really impressed with your teams’ customer service, energy and product! I love the blog of your personal journey and hope that we can be friends… Lol. I received some products for my mini me from your booth and hope to leave a review soon. Meanwhile, let’s talk!

    CheSa's Gluten Tootin Food Truck on