How I Almost Quit CurlMix Before It Even Launched

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When I first started CurlMix, I was so excited! I jumped in head first. I started with no money, built my website in a day, and reached out to all the curly girls and DIYers I knew. After one month of promoting CurlMix I had, a whopping, 2 orders and they were from my cousin and a close friend. I thought I was a failure. You hear so many Facebook stories about “overnight” success and I wondered why it didn’t happen to me. In that month of promotion, I emailed vloggers for partnerships and I didn’t get a single response. Zilch, nothing, nada, crickets…
Then I got some much needed encouragement from my husband, he never lets me quit. He told me how even some of the best start ups in the world, like AirBnB and Instagram, launched 3 or 4 times before they finally got it right. We knew I was missing something, that I just wasn’t connecting with the people. So, I went back to the drawing board one last time before I decided to give up. Over the next month, I read research papers on DIYers, re-drafted my emails to vloggers, I re-wrote my pitch to magazines, re-directed my marketing, re-designed my website and decided to re-launch CurlMix on September 1, 2015. During this time, I emailed Hey Fran Hey on YouTube. As I wrote the email I thought,
  1. She works with million dollar companies, brands like Marriott and Shea Moisture, I’m sure she isn’t interested in little ol’ me
  2. She gets hundreds of emails a day, she’ll probably never see this
  3. She is probably so over the subscription box phenomenon
I thought of every reason why she would say no. I thought it was impossible to get someone like Fran. Then it happened… The day after emailing her, she replied. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. She was SO COOL in her email but still very professional. I loved it, she had the professionalism you look for in a business partner but the sweetness of your best friend. She was ecstatic about CurlMix and so ready to work with us. She fully supported our DIY movement and thought it would be perfect for her followers. I literally did my happy dance, jumping around the room when we spoke on the phone. I was OVER THE MOON. I say all this to say that I almost quit before I got my big “YES”. Fran’s CurlMix is very special to me, it is a moment in my entrepreneurial journey that I will cherish forever. It was her big "YES" that gave me the confirmation I needed to continue with CurlMix.

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  • This is so inspirational to me.. Especially stating the fact that being a cosmetic chemist has been my dream from 2010… But unfortunately I was not fortunate enough to be placed in a position to fulfill it until April of this year I started making soaps and my first bat h everyone loved! Now I want to get slot closer to my dreams which is to make skin and hair care products… Natural organic products at that!*

    Petra Williams on

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