I have a surprise for you!

If you’ve been snooping around on the website, then you already know what this month’s mix is… 

But if you’re “the wait and see type”, then I’ll just tell you.


The Reveal 

This month’s mix is an Oat & Honey Body Scrub.

It features an amazing Double Oat Blend with Brown Sugar, Raw Honey, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil.

It has the most ingredients we have EVER put in a single box.

One of the best values for sure.

If you’ve ever thought CurlMix was too pricey, now’s your chance to get the biggest bang for your buck.



This mix offers 3 levels of exfoliation that destroy rough, dead skin, leaving your skin with a soft glow.


Before I share more, you’re probably thinking: 


“This is CurlMix, not BodyMix.” 



“Why is this only for the body”?

Well, many of our CurlMixers have been begging for a body CurlMix.

If you’re in the private Facebook Group (reserved for previous customers only) then you’ve seen the number of requests we get.

We figured February was the perfect month for it.


Here’s why:

I bet you’ve been rocking a protective style or heat style because of the cold winter months.

You want your hair to be protected and ready for spring, so that means being extra careful with it during the winter.

Less styling, less washing, less products, and a lot more deep-conditioning.



This means you probably don’t have time to experiment with many new hair products, as your hair is nice and tucked away. 

At least, that’s been the case with my hair.

On top of that, this mix is perfect for Valentine’s Month.


Perfect for ‘Valentine’s Month’


It’s Valentine’s Month, yes I meant “month” and not “day”, just ask any Walgreens, they were ready the day after MLK holiday.

This means we are dedicating a bit more love to others and ourselves, so a body scrub will be the perfect addition to bath time.

If you’re thinking, “well, I can use this on my hair as a scalp scrub too, ha!”



Let me stop you right there.

 Trust me, I’ve tried.

It took me a good 30 minutes trying to remove all the oatmeal from my kinky hair.

It was awful!

I want to save you the heartache of cursing yourself for such a silly decision.

The Oat & Honey Body Scrub is best when used for the skin.

And best when used during a bath.

If you’ve tried a bath tea or bath bomb, you know that soaking in them do wonders for dry skin.

On top of that, the sweet aromas melt away stress, which is a huge plus because this mix smells so delicious.

So delicious in fact, I just had to taste it to see if it tasted as good as it smells.

Also a bad idea, but curiosity got the better of me, so let me give you this

WARNING: CurlMix recipes are not for consumption ;-) ... fragrances and preservatives are not good eats.

Despite my bad ideas this mix really is a winner. 

It felt wonderful on my skin and my skin felt brand new after just one use.


How It’s Made

Making this mix was quite an experience.

I felt like I was cooking breakfast, it had Steel Cut Oats, Rolled Oats, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, and Raw Honey.


It took a while to get the blend just right.

 I tried Quick Oats instead of traditional Rolled Oats and that turned everything to mush.

Then I added too much Sweet Almond Oil.  

I used so much oil that I could barely get it off.

I even tried leaving out the brown sugar, but that took away a huge part of the products’ effectiveness.

Then I had to figure out a way to gel everything all together because it kept falling apart in my hands.

After getting it just right with the perfect balance of oat, sugar, and oil; I added the shea butter to bind it all together and it was MAGICAL!


Ingredient Benefits

More than just smelling good, it has a ton of wonderful natural and organic ingredients that make it a MUST TRY. 

The honey pulls moisture into the skin, while the butter and oil combine to lock it in, so your skin feels supple and healthy all day long.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Steel Cut Oats 

Are a strong exfoliant for your skin that blast away calluses.

Rolled Oats 

Are a milder exfoliant that smoothes rough patches and conditions the skin. 

Brown Sugar

Is a finer exfoliant that hits the hard to reach areas and will leave your skin feeling baby soft. It even adds a wonderful smell to the mix. 

Raw Honey 

Is a humectant that is key in pulling moisture into your skin. 

Sweet Almond Oil 

Is a mild, hypoallergenic oil that gets fully absorbed into the skin and is packed with the powerful antioxidant, and Vitamin E.

Shea Butter 

Softens skin, reduces inflammation, and locks in moisture all day long.

Coconut Oil 

Is a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal moisturizer that will add shine to your freshly exfoliated skin.


Subscriptions Open This Friday @ 9am and close Saturday @ 9pm.

In total, that’s 36 hours.


We won’t reopen them for February. 

If you don’t order right away you won’t be able to try this month’s mix at the discounted price, you’ll have to order it at $33 instead of $25. 


In the meantime, tell us your plans for Valentine’s Month in the comments, we want to hear from you.

Going out with a boo?

Staying in?

Taking a trip?

What am I doing you ask? Idk, I usually let Tim plan something, I'll let you know if it goes well lol. 

Even though guys try really hard sometimes, they still struggle to get it right. 

I will admit, last year was the best. 

He surprised me with a trip to D.C. for Vday. 

I finally saw our nation's capital and I had an amazing time seeing all the Smithsonian Museums. 



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Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis

February 08, 2017

Aw Marisa, that is so dang sweet!

Marisa Jackson
Marisa Jackson

February 08, 2017

We like to plan a family event for Valentine’s day, so the kids have voted that we make homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes for dessert. It’s always fun having my whole family in the kitchen sharing in cooking, it’s like music to my ears! ?

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