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This is hands down my favorite mix. 


My favorite since the Brown Sugar Hair and Body Butter, which I still use every day. 

Let's just say it's my favorite mix of 2017 lol ; ) . 

As of late, I've been spending more time on self-care.

Doing beauty treatments, taking long baths and lighting more candles.  

So, I was particularly excited to launch this 2-in-1 beauty treatment.  

I use it on my face when acne bumps pop out of nowhere.

And I use it if my hair just needs a little rejuvenation from the harsh winter here in Chicago.  


Mint Chocolate Hair & Face Mask Ingredients

The Mint Chocolate Mud Mask features Matcha & Bentonite Clay.

This mix is wonderful for cleansing and conditioning the hair. 

As a 2-in-1 beauty treatment, you can also use it on your face to cleanse pores and fight acne.  


The Mix Includes:

  1. Matcha Powder
  2. Bentonite Clay
  3. Raw Honey & Mint Chocolate Fragrance
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Glycerin

Hair & Face Mask Benefits and Ingredients

Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder is granulated Green Tea Leaves. It is great for hair growth, fighting dandruff, and contains lots of vitamins, like A & C, and antioxidants, like EGCG.

Matcha also contains panthenol, a natural conditioning agent that helps prevent split ends.

These ingredients improve the overall health of your hair.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is a volcanic, cleansing clay that has been used for hundreds of years to clean the hair and pores. It also contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

The clay extracts impurities from the skin and if mixed using metal, it will extract the impurities from the metal as well. 

That's why we recommend mixing with a wooden utensil or our silicone whisk and spatula.

Bentonite Clay can be used with just water, but the mix won't have any body to it, in fact, it will be quite runny. 

Raw Honey

Raw Honey is key in retaining moisture and softening the hair. 

As we know, honey is a humectant. It pulls moisture from the air into your hair.

Honey amplifies moisture retention and that's how honey leaves you hair feeling softer than ever. 


Glycerin is similar to honey in function, as it is also a humectant, but it is produced from plant oils instead of the nectar.

Its' proper name is "Vegetable Glycerin". 

This is key in winter months when everything can be a bit dry.

Be careful to use this in the summer or in wet climates, as any style using this will revert back to shrunken curls as soon as you enter a humid atmosphere. 

Coconut Oil

Many of us know and love Coconut oil.

It's great for improving the protein structure of our hair AND retaining moisture in our skin.

Heck, we even use it to cook.

We like the flavor it adds to food, especially if we are on a diet.

It's wonderful for a 3-in-1 use and its' texture gives the mix great body since Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature.

Once solidified, it gives your mix a nice, thick, creamy consistency that helps with application. 

It also ensures that the hair & face feel moisturized after using the clay.

Using only the clay can make your skin feel a bit dry, but Coconut Oil, once again, saves the day.  


Recipe Development

We haven't offered a face mask since Sept 2015. That's over a year ago.

It was the very first mix we offered and...I'll be honest, there were some kinks.



It wasn't perfect, but it was effective.

Everyone got different things when they mixed, sometimes they had too much clay so their mixture was lumpy. 

Others had too much water, so their mask was thin. 

No one complained about efficacy, it was more about the experience in mixing and consistency of the mix. 

I didn't want that to be the story with this month's mask.

As a result, I have been trying out multiple face masks to see what I actually enjoy, and noting the ingredients that enhanced the effectiveness of the mask.  

Bentonite was always a 'must' in this mask, it needed a gentle cleanser.

Honey was also a must because of its' humectant properties. 

The ingredients I was on the fence about were Coconut oil, Matcha, and the Mint Chocolate fragrance. 

I wanted the mask to have a little bit of a 'tingle' when you put it on. 

Originally I considered Cinnamon oil but I quickly learned that was a "no-no" after applying just a dab to my skin.

I mistakenly plopped my hand in a small puddle on the counter, while I was mixing, rubbed my forehead and I felt like my face was on fire, IT BURNED!. 

The Cinnamon oil left red marks all over my hands and face that hurt like nobody's business. 


That said, I might never use Cinnamon oil in a product. 

I remembered seeing a recipe online that mentioned using cinnamon oil in a face treatment and I closed out of the site immediately. 

Word to the wise....don't do it. 

So I decided to go with Mint, as it is always refreshing and gives just the right amount of tingle, without the burn. 

Then I toyed around with the idea of Matcha.


When Tim and I spent a month in Asia last year, there was literally "Matcha Everything". 

Matcha Bread. 

Matcha Ice cream. 

Matcha Lattes. 

Matcha Tea.

Matcha Candy. 

Matcha Pudding.


Matcha Donuts.  


And yes, Matcha waffles.  


Just Matcha everywhere. 

When I got home, I did a bit of research and found out about all the wonderful benefits and how some people make masks with just Matcha and water. 

That was confirmation for adding one of my favorite Asian inspired ingredients. 

So after I was sure about the Bentonite Clay, Honey, Mint Fragrance, and Matcha, I had this gray/brown color that made me think a 'Mint Chocolate' fragrance would be more appropriate. 

Then I knew I needed an oil because mixing just the ingredients above didn't leave my face feeling super moisturized.


It just felt clean, so I thought it needed something moisturizing to put it over the top. 

I tried adding super light oils like Sweet Almond, Grapeseed Oil, and Avocado Oil but all of them left my clay mixture too oily and runny. 

The mix wouldn't thicken and it didn't stick to my face. 

I knew then that I couldn't add any oils that are liquid at room temperature. 

I needed something solid. I even tried Shea butter, but I just wasn't a huge fan. 

Coconut oil did the trick. 

Finally, Glycerin is the ingredient that surprised me the most. 

After reading the labels of all my body care products, and hair care products, besides water, Glycerin is one of the most commonly found ingredients. 

It's intense hydration properties and smooth texture improves consistency AND effectiveness. 

Glycerin for the win. 

After playing around with the measurements, I finally go the perfect mix. 


You can enjoy our mix too. 

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Get a One -Time Order for $33, no commitment necessary.  

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January 14, 2017

Is this good for sensitive skin? My is very sensitive and I’m looking for something like this for my hair as well as my skin.

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