This month's mix focuses on the whole head - scalp to ends - and it is specially formulated for our curls.

This mix won’t weigh down your curls or make them look sticky or flaky.  

It will hydrate and smooth, giving your locks new life.  A healthy new life!


    Calendula Leave-In Spray




    Is known for removing dandruff, hydrating and generally improving the scalp.


    Is an infusion of water and rose petals. It is a refreshing moisturizer that stimulates blood circulation, promoting hair growth, and has antiseptic properties which helps to remove excess oil and control dandruff. It also smells heavenly. 

    3. GLYCERIN 

    Is a humectant bringing moisture to the hair and providing a barrier to keep it locked in.

    4. VITAMIN E

    Nourishes dry hair, heals the hair shaft, and helps with split ends.


    Adds shine, strengthens hair, controls dandruff and helps with breakage.


    Prevents the separation of the oils in the spray, and provides excellent hold. It also helps with curl retention.


    It’s been said that I’m super picky. I was a little bothered at first. Really, just a little. I’m actually ok with being called picky. That means I look for and expect the best.


    This is especially true when it comes to my hair. I HATE products that promise one thing and something entirely else happens. And trust me, I have tried MANY products over the years with terrible results.


    However, some have worked pretty well. But I like to know exactly what I am putting in my hair, and that it is the BEST for my hair.

    I appreciate the honesty and care behind this mix and every CurlMix product; and that only all natural ingredients are being used.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, so to all my fellow picky people, this is "Picky" Approved!


    When making this particular mix, I really wanted to leave some of the flower petals in the bottle. But, if you've ever put mint leaves and lemons in your water bottle, and mistakenly left them overnight, then you know what happens to flower petals. 

    They decompose. 

    Leaving a rotten smell and black color.

    As a result, I decided to forego my desire for the exotic. 

    I really wanted to call this mix 'Flower Bomb', as its base is Calendula Tea and Rose Water. 

    It smells like a bed of flowers. 

    Not only does it smell heavenly, its moisturizing properties are intensified by the Glycerin and Sweet Almond Oil.

    You'll be pleasantly surprised. 

     TIPS: Always shake the bottle really well before every use. This helps to distribute the ingredients evenly. 


    Be sure to spray it from the root to the tips, and comb it all the way through. And don't forget your scalp!


    Try it and send us your pics! Happy hair!

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