CurlMix Premiere Collection is Unlike Any Hair Care Line You've Ever Seen

Posted by Kimberly Lewis on

You thought our new line was going to be just another product line...

Think again.

The CurlMix Premiere Collection is unlike any other hair care lines out there!

And it isn't just different, but BETTER.

Here are 5 reasons why:


5. Our CurlMixers Selected This Line

That's right YOU helped build this line.

When I first started this company I said, "We will never do a product line, we are going to stick to DIY boxes only."

But I also vowed to listen to my customers, no matter what.

After being inundated month after month with requests to mix it up for you, we decided we would test a few things first.

First, we asked you what kind of packaging you wanted and we listened.

Then we wanted to know what products you wanted pre-mixed so we started creating samples in our best sellers box.

This quickly became the most popular product in our store. So we dug a little deeper.


Because you've chosen the products, there's proof that they work.

Your support helped determine which products we would launch first. 

Usually, with hair care brands, the founders just pick a product that they want to launch to the world, and they hope you like it.

Rarely ever do you, the users, actually get a say in what goes on in the business.

It just goes to show you that CurlMix is really all about you. 


4. It has all-natural and organic ingredients

You already know how we do.

We use natural ingredients to formulate the best possible recipes.

No fillers, extra water, or cheap ingredients.

Our products are highly concentrated and packed with nutrients, so that means that more of the good stuff makes it to your skin and hair.

Ultimately, you're buying a higher quality product than something on the shelf at your local grocery store.

Most of those products are made up of 50% or more of water. Which means you have to use more and buy more often.

Not so with CurlMix.

The majority of the products in our line, are based on something that is nutrient rich and well worth your dollar. 


3. 7 ingredients or less

We believe simple ingredients yield superior results.

Each of our products has 7 ingredients or less. 

In an industry that values blind consumerism, CurlMix encourages transparency.

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice integrity for beauty.

The fewer the ingredients, the lower the risk for unsafe ingredients.

AND you can actually read and understand the ingredients on our label. 

Too many companies are willing to sacrifice your health for a profit by using cheap and potentially dangerous ingredients.

Not CurlMix.


2. Our packaging is the BOMB DOT COM. 


We went all out with this one.

Every one of our products uses sustainable and reusable glass and wood packaging.

Each product comes in a handcrafted artisan glass jar, with a hand turned wooden top.

That means every single jar is unique.

The glass is a special borosilicate glass that can withstand high and low temperatures and it is shatter-resistant much like Pyrex.

That means you can cook with it or pop it in the dishwasher or freezer, which makes it perfect for tons of cool uses around the house once you finish your product.

Name ONE hair product company that provides you with reusable packaging. 

1. Every Jar Builds A Business


Most importantly we must have a social impact that is close to our hearts. 

CurlMix stands with Women Owned Businesses.

Women are the backbone of our country and we are underrepresented in businesses that receive funding. 

Often times women are discriminated against or looked over and we want to change that. 

A portion of proceeds from each jar will be donated to fund women-owned business.


Phew, that's a lot. But like I said, the new CurlMix Premiere Collection is unlike any other hair care line you've seen.

What do you hope is in the line? Are you excited? 

Share your thoughts below. 



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  • I’m excited for your expansion and new line. I hope everything is a success! Keep rocking!

    Stephanie S on

  • It’s been wonderful watching your business unfold and take off! I am honored to be part of the CurlMix family-I feel like I am part of a kickstarter—like I am really making an investment, not just in my haircare, but in helping to build a black woman’s hair empire. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds this week!

    Dionne Blue on

  • I’m excited for you! And I can’t wait to buy the products especially for travel… those times when a DIY product just won’t work.

    Tawana on

  • This is great. I dont always have time to DIY but love natural products so this is perfect for a Women like me.

    Allesia Krank on

  • So excited! Congrats!

    Danielle James on