Let's face it,

New Year's resolutions are hard and guess what...

Most people fail and give up.

But that's not how we do things here at CurlMix.

So here's what we're gonna do instead:

We already started working on 2017 last year, and now all we have to do is deliver.

But we need YOU to keep us accountable, so here are our 5 promises to you for 2017.



Join us on the CurlMix Party Tour 2017!

It's BIGGER & BETTER than any party we've ever done before! 

We are turning the typical "hum-drum" natural hair meetup on it's head. 

No more blogger panels and styling demos. This party is about YOU!

You'll feel the lush experience the moment you step into the room.

Mix your own hair & face masks as instructed by the CurlMix experts. 

Enjoy custom products that YOU build and take home that day!

CurlMix Party Tour 2017

And did we mention you will get to test your porosity level, hair type, and learn about the ingredients that work best for your unique hair. 

We will laugh, we learn, and we truly get a chance to enjoy one another. 

Our CurlMix Party Tour will be:



*Prices will go up as we draw nearer to the event.* 

Check out CurlMix Party Tour Dates and Locations near you



We get emails every week of women requesting to be a CurlMix ambassador. 

As a result, we decided to make applications rolling admissions.

What does this mean? 

It means that applications are always open and we will notify you within 3 weeks if you have been chosen as an ambassador. 

If you know someone that would be perfect, spread the word

Apply Here to be an Ambassador Today



We have gotten lots of feedback about recipes you loved and others that you thought were just a little too difficult to make.

As a result, we are going to make recipes easier to mix. For example...

If we include Slippery Elm in a recipe, we won't use the bark, as we heard it is very difficult to strain. 

Instead, we are going to offer the Slippery Elm powder, it eliminates straining and still gives you that "slip" you love. 

In addition to making changes like these, we also want to know what ingredients you want to be featured. 

For example, do you want to try coffee in a recipe or do you want us to teach you how to make a 'dupe' (duplicate) of your favorite hair moisturizer?

You've got 2 weeks to tell us what you want and WE WILL LISTEN!

We will develop the recipes for 2017 over these next two months, please submit your ideas and requests.

Submit Recipes Ideas Here

CurlMix Models

Another way to get involved is to be featured in one of our 2017 boxes.

Be a model, makeup artist, hair stylist or photographer in our upcoming content photo/video shoot, local Chicagoans only. 

Apply Here to Work with Us



Due to the success of the Sample Box, we offered this past December, we think it's pretty clear that DIY isn't for everyone.

Sample Box

But, everyone loves getting the best natural ingredients and the security that comes with understanding what goes into their products.

CurlMixers want full-size products and we must oblige. 

We will launch our own full-size line of luxury product based on the recipes that you know and love!

However, it's going to take a lot of work and I won't dare place our high-quality ingredients in cheap, unattractive packaging.

Our full-size product line will be in the highest quality and fanciest packaging you’ve ever seen from a curly hair brand.


Stay tuned until February for more details. 



CurlMix's team believes heavily in the entrepreneurship.

Particularly amongst women and minorities.

We share A LOT with you guys about our business, growth, and journey.

This is very much intentional. 

Growing up, Tim & I never had any entrepreneurs in our family, and we didn't find any until we went searching for them. 

We want to unveil the mystery behind entrepreneurship.

We want to show you that you can do it too, especially women.

Though women entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, very few are actually able to grow their businesses like they want. 

That's why we decided to create a social impact initiative with the launch of our new full-size line. 

Every Jar Builds A Business

With the purchase of every jar of our new product line, a portion of profit will go toward our fund to support women-owned businesses. 

That money will then be distributed to one lucky woman owned business at each location on the CurlMix Party Tour, totaling 5 women-owned businesses across the U.S. 


This is just the beginning, 2017 will be an exciting time to be a CurlMixer and we can't wait to see what happens next.


Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the new additions. 


Check Out CurlMix Party Tour Dates and Locations 

Become An Ambassador

Submit Recipes & Featured Ingredients for Future CulMixes

Assist w/ Content Photo/Video Shoot in Chicago

6 Responses


January 05, 2017

I love what you and your husband are doing and the additions are amazing especially the Curl Mix party in NY (yay) and the the women entrepneuer initiative. It’s great. Love the company and the concept!


January 05, 2017

We like to party on the west coast too! Oakland is waiting…what time y’all comin?

Gwendolyn Andrews
Gwendolyn Andrews

January 05, 2017

I’m new to your website and would love to try your products I saw a young lady on YouTube using your products I liked the way her hair looked so I wanted to see how it would work on my hair

Danielle James
Danielle James

January 05, 2017

This is amazing, thanks for sharing your vision and modeling how you’ve grown your business, and congrats on the continued growth! I’m looking forward to all of this.


January 05, 2017

Please expand the CurlMix ambassador program to Canada!!! Ps: Love your site and products! Haha :)

Genise Dever
Genise Dever

January 05, 2017

I’m not the most vocal customer but I have been here since the beginning and I truly love everything y’all do. I hope one day y’all have a party in TX (explains all the y’all in this post) because I would love to meet you and Tim. Love the energy you 2 have.

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