3 CurlMixer Stories That Will Give You LIFE

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 These stories are some of my favorite to date.

I either teared up after reading, felt so inspired, or just grateful that what I do matters.

Some of these stories were emailed to me after sharing my experience in Cape, Town South Africa.

Kim and Tim CurlMix Founders in Cape Town South Africa

Others were posted in our ‘CurlMixers ONLY’ Facebook Group; an exclusive community for our previous customers. I wanted to share these stories because I want you guys to know I read your comments, I get lost in your stories, and that above all else, I listen to you.

CurlMixers ONLY Facebook Group

[ This was a reply from my email about hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town for my 25th birthday. It was a dangerous and exhilarating experience.]


 This was an awesome first-hand experience story! I really enjoyed your story and I read it to my students in my 9th grade world geography class. We have been studying Sub-Saharan Africa for the past two weeks. They found your story super funny especially the part where you told Tim and Dwayne about the people that died on the trail lol. They also loved looking at the photos that you took.

 I plan on sharing your story with my 11th-grade economics class, and we will take a look at your blog about entrepreneurship!

Thanks for sharing

- Taylor 



[ This comment was posted in our exclusive Facebook Group from a true CurlMixer.] 

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer on Good Friday. She has always struggled with eczema and dry skin. Her condition worsened with the chemo treatments. In looking for ways to keep her mind off things, I ordered the Mango Body Butter for her. It happened to come the day we decided to shave her head as her hair had been falling out all week. When she opened the mailbox and read out loud "the DIY box for curly hair", she said "is this some kind of a sick joke or something?" I said, just open it. Needless to say, she enjoyed creating the product and has since fallen in love with it as it has helped her skin tremendously. She asked about getting another kit, but I advised her that it has been retired. While she can't use most of the products yet, I know she will subscribe once her hair starts growing back, as I rave every month when I get my new kit. We are anxiously awaiting your next DIY that can be used on more than just hair. Just know that you're doing great things for more than just the DIY hair community. Thanks!

- Andrea



[ This comment was posted in our exclusive Facebook Group from a true CurlMixer.] 

Hello, I'm new to the group! I ordered my first and only box this summer, the Watermelon Flax and Hemp Seed Gel after I saw Youtuber Alyssa Forever demo it...when I tell you that it was the BEST Wash & Gos I have ever experienced, even men were asking what I put in my hair. It was really fun to make as I have been a DIYer since birth so when I saw this company I got excited and finally felt included, and it also smells delicious; like watermelon lol! Not to mention an awesome list of ingredients and you don't have to use much at all for it to take effect because of the quality ingredients. Remember not quantity but quality. I would definitely recommend this gel over any I have ever used (even my babies Eco styler and Aloe Vera gel) because it even kept my hair moisturized and shiny too. I definitely will repurchase and make it a staple once I can afford to again!
Side note: I fell in love with the purple confetti on sight and use it to accentuate my bathroom as I DIY Decorate as well 

- Jazzmin



Thank You for sharing with me. I appreciate every story, comment, and review. 

-Kim, CEO & Co-Founder

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